Chase Utley Needs A Little Love

Everyone knows how dedicated New York fans are to their teams. They are die hard fans, and although they will love you one minute and threaten to murder your first born son the next minute, New York baseball fans are, in my opinion, the most loyal fans I have ever seen. So, knowing that this year’s All Star Game was to be held in Yankee stadium, you had to expect a whole lot of booing for any player that wasn’t a Yankee or a Met. Boston Red Sox, Tampa Bay Rays, and yes even the Philadelphia Phillies were to be booed, despite their standings in the MLB. For the most part, every player that was booed understood this and pretty much laughed it off, however the booing seemed to have hit a soft spot for Mr.Utley.

Anyone wanna show Chase some love? Probably not after this….

It’s okay Chase, I’ll give you a hug. 🙂



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4 responses to “Chase Utley Needs A Little Love

  1. darkship

    I’ll give him a little love! and we’ll say that playing in the “house that Ruth built” worked over his nerves! I have to after he made all those errors I thought of you and Mario and how bad you guy must feel for him. But hey, he’s still one of the best players in the NL so let’s not be too hard on him

  2. Awesome! Makes me like Chase Utley even more. One of my favorite Yankee Stadium moments was Jack McDowell flipping off Yankees fans *while he was a Yankee* in the mid-1990s!

  3. Anonymous

    can i get that hug instead? hehe

  4. Sure! But how can anyone give you a hug if you’re anonymous?

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