Seven Year Old Boy Suffers Skull Fracture

There are dangers all over this world. From the obvious places like slums to unsuspecting places like your local mall. The chance of something horrible happening to you or your child is lurking around each and every corner. However, being at risk was the last thing on Peter DiAngi’s mind when he decided to take his 7 year old son to his very first Major League game at Wrigley Field.

Paul and his son, Dominic, were sitting behind the Cubs dugout during an afternoon game, when all of a sudden Dominic was struck in the head by a foul ball hit off of Cubs pitcher, Ted Lilly’s, bat. Paramedics rushed over and took the boy to Children’s Memorial Hospital to treat the skull fracture. The child was put on a breathing machine and given medication to reduce brain swelling.

Ted Lilly and Derrek Lee both came to the hospital this passed Saturday to visit little Dominic. The youngster was released from the hospital on Wednesday and proudly wore his Cubs cap while meeting with reporters. A very grateful Peter DiAngi said that his son has his ‘same old twinkle in his eye’. Dominic is doing very well and is very thankful for the care package the Cubs sent over to him, which included an autographed ball from the team, Ryan Theriot’s glove, a signed bat from Mark DeRosa and other memorabilia .

Dominic DiAngi with his sister, Cecilia, at a little league game.
Photo courtesy of Chicago Tribune.



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8 responses to “Seven Year Old Boy Suffers Skull Fracture

  1. Very scary story. It’s been in the paper here all week.

    But c’mon T, that’s the second Wrigley “Stadium” in less than a month.

  2. I’m sorry! I’m just used to Dolphin Stadium. With all these “Field’s”, “Stadiums”, and “Parks”, it all gets very confusing!

    I’ll make sure not to do it again! 😦

  3. Yikes! The parents must have had a heart attack.
    Sounds like the Cubs are handling it pretty graciously, though. Thank goodness the boy seems all right.

  4. That’s scary stuff! Poor kid, but I’m glad he’s doing better. Very cute picture. Great post! =)


  5. jv

    As a parent, that’s terrifying! You wonder how it could have happened, how the parents didn’t move the child sooner…

    But, it all happens so fast sometimes that there’s nothing you can do. I’m just glad he’s alright…

    My kid might look like a nerd but I’m going to make him wear a batting helmet to the next Mississippi Braves game…

  6. S.Valconi

    Very sad.
    Where can the clip be seen?

  7. I don’t think they have the clip available, but you can try YouTube.

    Why would you want to see that? I can’t imagine anyone wanting to see anyone else in pain. Especially a child….

  8. anniewilson

    I received this reply to the post I wrote about Dommy:

    Hello there,
    Dominics father here.
    Thank you for the very kind words.
    He is doing well. He is back to school and back to playing ball.
    He still goes to therapy ( speech) and reading comprehension.
    All in all he is prob. 85% himself.
    Were all just glad to have him around period.
    There is a special account that was opened for him at the Marquette Bank,
    14300 82nd Av. Orland Park Illinois. But as of this date the balance is at 0.
    I guess word never spread. But thats fine. Were just plugging along, knowing its all in gods hands anyway.
    Thanx again.
    Pete and Dominic

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