Steve Bartman Is A P*ssy

I’m not sure who is dumb enough to pass up $25,000.00 at a time like this. Have you seen gas prices lately?

It has been nearly 5 years since Steve Bartman’s incident at Wrigley field, but apparently Bartman still feels his life is in danger. Bartman has decided to turn down the offer of $25,000 to autograph the infamous photo at The Nationals on July 31st. His family representative says, “It’s just another shameless commercial stunt”. Even if it is, the money that the autographed photo would have sold for would have been given to a Chicago based charity. The autograph was estimated to have been sold for $100,000.00.

Bartman, who has kept low profile since that fateful day, once turned down an offer “well into six figures” to simply appear in a Super Bowl commercial.

Well, I know that most people have moved on since he ruined the game for the Cubs, but I know people will now hate him again for being a coward.

Way to go, Steve.



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4 responses to “Steve Bartman Is A P*ssy

  1. Steve Bartman may simply not be interested in dragging up this old subject. Don’t blame him because this stupid stunt took money away from a charity. I am willing to bet the $25,000 offered to Steve will never find its way into a donation for a charity.

    It was a genius move to promote the National Card Show and nothing more. Cubs fans, time to move on from obsessing over goats and Bartman. You guys spent over 100 million in salary.

    If you don’t make it to the World Series and/or don’t win—YOU GUYS JUST SUCK.

  2. whitesoxcards

    I agree that he should have taken the money. It might be a small token for all the BS that he’s had to endure since 2003. Don’t pin the blame on Steve Bartman. After that incident, the Cubs gave up 8 runs, 6 of them unearned. Most of the damage was from a missed double play ball not handled properly by Alex S. Gonzalez.

    Moises Alou, a few years later (and a few years too late), admitted that there was no possible way that he would have caught that ball. The umpire was correct in ruling that there was no fan interference.

    The Cubs still had another chance to make it to the World Series by winning the next game. The Cubs were up 5-3, until Kerry Wood blew the Cubs last shot to lose to the Marlins 9-6.

    There is absolutely no way that a fan catching a foul ball, out of the reach of the outfielder, can be blamed for the Cubs inability to hold the lead in two straight games.

  3. darkship

    Mario you’re just upset that the Cubs beat the Fish last nite! But I don’t blame Bartman either. He’s probably just now getting over the death threats and the Cubbies don’t need another excuse to not make the Series again if he did happen to show up in town.

  4. I can’t believe he turns down these promo opportunities. It would be a good way to kinda ‘get past’ it… as well as have a few laughs and promote a great cause with the charity events.

    I don’t get it….. but it is what it is.

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