Mets Vs. Marlins: Rex Three Style

With as many games as I have been to in my 21 years of existence, I have not once attended a tailgate party. I have always dreamed of going to one, as silly as that sounds, but I have never had enough people want to go to a baseball game with me.

About 3 months ago, one of my coworkers informed me that they had purchased 30 tickets to the Mets vs. Marlins game on July 30th. I was definitely in. A month prior to the game, I heard whispers here and there about a tailgate party. I was thrilled. We collected money, organized the entire event, and on Wednesday afternoon we had the tailgate party, followed by the incredibly exciting Marlins game, and then followed by a celebratory tailgate party because of the Marlins win.

I have had the pleasure of experiencing a baseball game from two different points of view. One, as a serious baseball game attendee, and the second view as a girl coming to a game with friends and coworkers to hang out and let loose. It may not sound too different, but a couple of shots of Patron can change a lot of things. I had an amazing time with the people I work with and we plan on having a repeat outing very soon. Now, enough party talk, on to the game!

Rumors may have been swirling around about the possible Manny Ramirez trade(which thank God did not go throuhg), but you would never have guessed there was a worry on any Marlins’ mind with the way they played on Wednesday night, especially in the bottom of the fourth. Jeremy Hermida, Jorge Cantu, Dan Uggla, and Josh Johnson are a few players that shined that evening. You can’t sink the fish!

There would have been more photos, but I couldn’t figure out how to get the camera off of night vision. 😦

Christina and I

Christina and I

Me, Joe, and Christina

Me, Joe, and Christina

Christina and I again

Christina and I again


Us....again πŸ™‚

YAY MARLINS!!!!!!!!!

YAY MARLINS!!!!!!!!!

Cantu up to bat

Cantu up to bat

I am planning to attend a game this weekend, so please look forward to a better post with better photos! πŸ™‚



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2 responses to “Mets Vs. Marlins: Rex Three Style

  1. MetsManiacinNH

    Did you get any good pics of my boys from Flushing?

    Well at least you got to see our crappy bullpen implode in person πŸ™‚

  2. That third picture really annoys me…

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