Chasing Miller

It may not be quite as exciting or as entertaining to some as Chasing Amy (Nope, no fingercuffs in this one), but this afternoon, Mario and I will be traveling to Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, FL to support our favorite Marlin as he pitches for the Gulf Coast League.

I’ll be honest, I was planning to attend the Rockies vs. Marlins game this afternoon. And while I was looking forward to catching a glimpse of Tulo and the infamous Marlins killer, Matt Holliday, seeing Andrew pitch for what may be the last time this season, if he chooses to do surgery, was much more important than seeing some “big names” from the Rockies. Andrew Miller stole our hearts early in the season, and despite a few bad starts, I still remain a faithful fan. They just don’t get any better than Andrew Miller.

While attending the game this afternoon, we will also get a chance to see former Marlins starter, Burke Badenhop, rehabing catcher, Matt Treanor, and Marlins #1 draft pick, Kyle Skipworth.

As tempting as the Rockies may be, I highly doubt that this will be a decision we regret.

See you in a couple of hours, Andrew!


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