John Baker and The Florida Marlins

By George, they finally did it!

The Florida Marlins have been lacking a good catcher for quite sometime, but they seem to have finally made quite the catch! (No pun intended) While the 27 year old is currently only batting .238, he seems to have been the most productive catcher this year for the Marlins. In only 59 at bats, Baker has already hit 4 home runs and driven in 14. While the California native still needs to polish up his reflex skills and release, as recently proven to fans by Rockies speedy center fielder, Willie Taveras, Baker has definitely been a great asset to the team in the short time he has been with them. In yesterday’s game alone, he impressed both his team and the crowd by making his at bat count and getting a 2 run HR. Later, Baker came up to bat and while he did not homer a second time, he did drive in another run. Baker has become one of my favorites as of late, and in order to show this, I have developed my very own nickname for him: John The Baker.

When Matt Treanor is ready to return off of the DL, I can confidently tell you that Baker’s spot is secure. (Sorry Paul Hoover) Treanor and Baker will be switching off in the catching position, but I have a hunch Baker will see more playing time if he keeps this up.

It’s great to have you with us, John The Baker!



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3 responses to “John Baker and The Florida Marlins

  1. Hey, what is John’s walk up song with the Marlins? He was using Billy Squire’s “The Stroke” while playing for the Isotopes.

    You’ll want to catch your Baker starring in an episode of Topes Cinema while still available…

  2. I’m not sure what it is. I’ll make sure to keep an ear open, though!

    Thanks for the vid, too! Classic. 🙂

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