Instant Replay: Yay or Nay?

I’m sure at some point this season alone, your team has some how been affected by a bad call. Some of you have been lucky and your team recovered from that bad call, but unfortunately for some that single bad call is what cost your team that game. Whether it’s calling a ball a strike, a strike a ball, or even considering a ball going into foul territory is a home run, I believe instant replay would be beneficial.

It seems as though that the only people that are against instant replay is the 70 year old baseball commissioner and his 60 year old minions that believe change is a horrible thing, unless of course it is time to change their Depends.

If there were ever a time for instant replay, it would be now. We are in August. These games determine who goes to the post season, and who doesn’t make it. Last night, a bad call from the umpire landed the Phillies a 2-run home run hit by Shane Victorino. While some of the fans knew it was a foul ball, most of the stadium, as well as Victorino, tried to play it off as a home run. And while the Marlins still won (8-2), it angers me that this ridiculous call could have really affected us.

I don’t think ANYONE wants mistakes like that being made in the post season.

So, what’s your opinion? Yay to instant replay, or nay?

Forget new stadiums, this is what we really need in baseball.

Forget new stadiums, this is what we really need in baseball.



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9 responses to “Instant Replay: Yay or Nay?

  1. There should be instant replay on home run calls and close fielding plays. The technology is there, use it. It would have to stay out of calling balls and strikes though or else games would take 6 hours..

  2. jv

    You know, when I came back to the game and the hobby a year and half ago, this was one of the first “discussions” that I came across. One of my first 5 posts was actually just like this.

    Back then, I was completely against it. I felt that it ruined the integrity of the game because I’ve also always felt that the umpires call is as integral to the game as the play itself.

    After watching this season, I’ve changed my opinion. All of your post and my comment is based upon the premise of “bad” calls. However, I want to point out how many calls could be made by dishonest umpires with their “hand in the pot” so to speak.

    History has shown us that sports figures can be as dishonest as anyone. Pete Rose, Steroids, Black Sox Scandal, and most recently the ex NBA referee Tim Donaghy who bet on games that he officiated.

    I’m not so much worried about the bad calls as the dishonest calls. I think that is more detrimental to the game and to fan allegiance.

    I know your post is in relation to the Marlin’s season this year and you guys are running so close to the edge that one bad call could seal your fate. Personally, I have never been a Marlins fan so it wouldn’t affect me either way.

    But, if a bad call were made, you guys miss the postseason, and an umpire is found guilty of the same misdeeds as former officials, then I do become a Marlin’s fan all of a sudden and I do care.

    I’m tired of records being broken and situations being set in motion because of dishonest sports figures.

    But, there’s also been some really crappy calls this season, so I’m 100% for instant replay on Homerun and Fielding Plays. It’s a necessity now.

    Either that or better eye glasses for “Ol’ Blue”…

    Oh yeah, I’m going to post about this on TNB but I figured you would appreciate the news being broken here on “Love” first. It’s official and the cat’s out of the bag…


    Glory Hallelujah, Finally!!!

  3. I personally don’t think what Pete Rose did was much of a crime. At least not serious enough to keep him out of the Hall Of Fame. But that’s just me.

    And I do agree, instant replay can help keep the dishonest umps stright… at least a little bit.

    Babies are wonderful! I am way happy for you!!!!

  4. Instand Reply should be allowed. It is in Football, so why not baseball? I agree that it should not be used for balls and strikes. I think there should be limits on the number of time it can be used, and that there be a ‘up top’ umpire that force a review like in football. perhaps this ‘up top’ guy would only be in effect during the 7th inning on, or even 8th inning on (like two minutes in football).

    I don’t see the big whoop over Pete Rose. Players should not be excluded from the Hall based on what they did AFTER their playing days, unless they are being considered HOF for managing careers. Rose was a phenominal player. His HOF status as a player is the only thing that should be considered for HOF entry.

    I hope the old fogies that run baseball now eventually leave and get replaced by some progressive, forward-thinking leadership.

    Congrats on the news, JV!

  5. I am sorry, but I am absolutely, positively, 100% AGAINST any sort of instant replay in baseball. Instant replay has turned football games into unwatchable 5-hour bore fests. I don’t want to see it ruin baseball too. Umpires make the right call 99% of the time. Human judgment has been a part of the game for 150 years, and there is no reason to change it now. Their view from being RIGHT THERE next to the action is better than the view from any video camera. The only place where instant replay might have some benefit is on borderline home run calls where the umpire is far away from the outfield fence, but I worry that if this type of instant replay was instituted, it would be a slippery slope down to more replay being introduced. And besides, this type of thing is really a big issue in the postseason, and there are left and right field umpires for postseason games anyway. NO WAY to instant replay!

  6. I agree with Dave . . . . baseball games are long enough without having to wait for an instant replay decision to be made. I do not have an issue with it in post season, but not in the regular season. They have 162 games to play so if they are a decent team a couple of bad calls along the way will not derail their success.

  7. kerelcooper

    I say Yah on instant replay for homeruns and close plays like trying to determine if someone caught a ball or it short hopped. I don’t want instant replay for balls and strikes, stolen bases, etc….and I think that it should be limited to one challenge per team per game.

  8. I’m all for the Instant Replay… get it right! =)

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