Chasing Miller Finally Ends In Success

Well, after one failed attempt ending in heartbreak, this weekend’s attempt at chasing Andrew Miller ended in success. Andrew Miller is by far the coolest player I have ever met. He is kind, warm hearted, considerate, and really cares about his fans.

We left our home Saturday afternoon at exactly four o’ clock pm. We arrived at Roger Dean Stadium precisely one hour later. I left Mario at the front to buy tickets while I went to park the car. As I was leaving my car, I saw a black Lexus in the player parking lot that they didn’t even manufacture anymore. I knew it was Andrew Miller. I reached into my trunk, got my poster, and ran like a 5 year old girl to the entrance of the stadium.

When we went inside, the anticipation of finally seeing Andrew was killing me. With every head that emerged from the Jupiter Hammerhead’s team entrance, I looked at Mario and said, “Is that Andrew?”. I was nearly banished to the car because I was so excited.

Finally, I saw a tall lanky figure emerge from behind the gates. He took long slow steps to the field. My heart sank and then I began to feel faint. It was Andrew. My heart began to pound uncontrollably. ‘Pull yourself together, Tatiana’, I thought to myself. ‘You aren’t a 13 yr old girl at a Backstreet Boys concert’. Mario elbowed me and brought me back down to reality. “Hold up your sign!” I reached for my sign and waved it around like a fool. Andrew looked over and gave us his famous ear to ear grin.

Andrew began to warm up as his other teammates continued to pour out of the Marlins clubhouse. I was having a hard time regaining composure. I haven’t felt that way since I was a 10 year old girl at the Spice Girls concert. “Tatiana, try to get a few photos. Here comes Greg and Logan.” I put on a smile and requested a couple of photos before the game began. As always, the players were very kind and generous.

The game began, Miller pitched 3 2/3 innings, giving up one home run. The teams were tied when Andrew exited the game, but it didn’t take long for the Palm Beach Cardinals to take the lead and eventually win the game. I am almost positive they would have one if it wasn’t for their short stop, Smelin Perez who was truly stinkin’ up the place that night.

Prior to the game being over, Mario and I exited the stadium and waited by the player parking lot in hopes that we would get to see Andrew one more time. We waited a few minutes and out came a sweaty Andrew Miller with crazy looking hair. He signed a few autos for other fans and posed for a photo for us. He even seemed both amazed and grateful when I told him we drove 70 miles just come see him. Andrew is definitely a class act and deserves nothing but the best. I wish him a speedy recovery so that he can come back to the Marlins at 100% and give us his all.

Thank you, Andrew, for not disappointing your fan club. 🙂

OMG! OMG! Its Andrew!

OMG! OMG! It's Andrew!

He didnt waste anytime!

He didn't waste anytime!

Greg Burns and I

Greg Burns and I

Logan Morrison and I

Logan Morrison and I

Vasili Spanos will kick your ass.

Vasili Spanos will kick your ass.

The wind up

The wind up.

The release.

The release.

Some guy on the Palm Beach Cardinals

Some guy on the Palm Beach Cardinals.

The Cardinal and I

The Cardinal and I.

Waiting outside for Andrew.

Waiting outside for Andrew.

) Check out the height difference! And I am 59!

Andrew and I. 🙂 Check out the height difference! And I am 5'9!



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2 responses to “Chasing Miller Finally Ends In Success

  1. He truly is cute. And that truly is an interesting Hair Situation he had going on.

  2. nyhitman23

    Great story and photos! Do you and Mario buy game programs and keep the lineup sheets? I kept mine from when I used to live in Largo, FL. and attended Clearwater Phillies (A) games in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Not too long ago,I ran across one of the lineup sheets and low and behold, there was a player for the Osceola Astros (A) by the name of Luis Gonzalez! I wish I would have got it autographed now 😦

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