I Cursed Logan Morrison

I’m not big on baseball superstitions. I don’t believe that talking to a pitcher before his start will jinx him, I don’t believe that stepping on the foul line when taking the field will bring bad luck, and I certainly don’t believe that tapping your head, shoulders, and elbows 15 times like Nomar Garciaparra does will bring you good luck. But, I now believe that telling a player you are sometimes considered to be good luck may cause him and his entire team to have a really bad game and lose.

The Jupiter Hammerheads suffered the wrath of The Infamous Tatiana because unfortunately, I experienced this first hand during Saturday’s game at Roger Dean Stadium when Logan Morrison was kind enough to pose for a photo with me and I smiled and told him that people have told me that I can sometimes be good luck. Bad move. Did I mention I was only good luck for major league teams? Ouch….

Logan, along with most of his team, went 0-4 that evening. The only run scored that night was a single HR by the DH. I must have even cursed the short stop because any ball that came remotely near him, he missed by a long shot.

After the game, I hid behind my hand bag in terror as Vasili Spanos threw things around in the dug out and as Greg Burns and Logan Morrison hung their heads down low in shame and disappointment. * Sticks foot in mouth. * I thought I was being funny and clever because I made Logan smile and I think I secretly boosted his confidence. Sadly, all I did was curse him and his team mates.

I probably won’t be returning to Jupiter anytime soon… at least not with out changing my identity first.

Greg Burns and Logan Morrison sitting in disappointment. Thanks to me.
Greg Burns and Logan Morrison sitting in disappointment. 


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2 responses to “I Cursed Logan Morrison

  1. Hello T

    Keep me posted on the promo exchange with the entry and our feature.. thanks! =)

    Hope all is well,

  2. Lonestarr~!!!1

    Ah, don’t be so hard on yourself. They stunk it up of their own volition, not some silly jinx job.

    On a brighter note, Happy upcoming birthday!

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