I Have An Announcement To Make

Due to the recent “crisis” my husband and I are now in, I have now picked up a second job. Which means coming home a lot later than usual and feeling incredibly exhausted. I am not closing down the site, but this is just a warning that there will be less posts.

Last night was my first night of this second job, and I feel utterly wrecked. I am a business woman by day, managing the accounts receivables for my printing company, and a factory worker by night, working amongst illegal aliens folding and inserting papers; doing “fulfillment” work. The good news is that I hope this will only be temporary.

I’m not certain how long I can do this. It’s a lot of sacrifice. I walked into my home last night, the sky was pitch black, the house was silent, my son was already resting his little head on his pillow. It broke my heart that I didn’t get to say good night.

Wish us luck, everyone. This is going to be a very interesting couples of weeks, months, etc.



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5 responses to “I Have An Announcement To Make

  1. Joe

    Hang in there…I worked a second job for the last 2 summers. It really does suck coming home to find your family sleeping. Many never understand the sacrifice you make. I finally gave it up this year, to spend more time with the family. Things will get better.

  2. nyhitman23

    Think positive and positive things will come. Hang in there!

  3. jv

    Best of luck to you guys. I really want to see you come out of this soon. It’ll all get better with time just keep pushin’. Ya’ll are in our thoughts and prayers..

  4. Thanks, guys. I am trying to remain positive and hang in there.
    Hopefully Mario’s boss will stay true to his word and pay him on Monday.

    I still have yet to pay this month’s mortgage, and next month’s is due on the 1st. 😦

  5. Henry

    Hang in there, keep a positive attitude and things will turn out alright.

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