What Has This World Come To?

In today’s world, I find very few things hard to believe. I believe people all over the world are suffering, I believe many people are unemployed, I believe many people are facing foreclosure, and I believe that many people who are deserving of punishment are not receiving it. I have seen all these things and they all go against everything I stand for and everything that this country stands for. I believe in encouraging the good, eliminating the bad and snubbing injustice. I read something on the news yesterday that seems so improbable, so inconceivable, and just plain wrong. It goes against everything moral and in a world filled with so much hate and despair; you’d think people would try to focus on making those things better instead of causing more controversy and pain.

A very talented 9 year old pitcher was banned from his little league team for being “too good”. Jericho Scott has a fast ball that tops out at 40 mph and instead of receiving praise, the Youth Baseball League of New Haven thought it would be a better idea to banish the child from a sport he loves so much. When the coach allowed the boy to take the mound anyway, the opposing team forfeited the game, packed their things, and left.

The Youth Baseball League’s new plan consists of dismantling Jericho’s team and claiming the coach has resigned. However, Wilfred Vidro, the team’s coach, claims otherwise. The team refuses to disband and the coach has not quit.

No one understands why the league is punishing a boy for playing too well. All of Jericho’s pitches are on target and he has never injured anyone. The only person this controversy seems to be affecting is Jericho who says he misses pitching and feels like all of this is his fault.

So sure, let’s dismantle the good, encourage the bad, and allow injustice. The only one that will have to suffer in the end is a poor 9 year old boy that has been unfairly targeted.

Jericho Scott

Jericho Scott



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5 responses to “What Has This World Come To?

  1. We saw this in the paper and didn’t know what to think. Is there more to the story? How could anything so unjust really happen?

    Since this kid pitches this well at 9, in 2018 when he’s 19 he’ll have the last laugh anyway as he signs a $672 million contract.

  2. Laurens

    It is all too natural for adults to impose their rules and conditions on kids who don’t know any better.

    When this kid is in his teens, doing what teens usually do, he will look back and wonder what could have been if some stuffy adults would have just let him participate.

  3. Lonestarr

    That is beyond messed up. If they had done that when I was in the 9-10 year old league, I never would have had the chance to actually make contact against the hardest thrower in the league who, if memory serves, actually threw in the 50 mph neighborhood (for the record, the contact I made was a foul pop up the 3rd baseman made a play on that’s known as a webgem nowadays), not to mention our best player who hit at two or three out of the park home runs (I don’t think anybody else hit any that year) and was also one of the hardest-throwing pitchers, would’ve been taken out of the league. Heck, they may have even banned me for the virtually unhittable and entirely inadvertent (to this day I don’t know how I made it move like) drop ball I threw.

    Some kids will miss out on the experience of playing against greatness maybe get a hit off the kid. This is just sickening, because it not only hurts him, it breeds mediocrity (and possibly cowardice) in everyone that would play against him, not to mention deprives them of the chance to get feel that thrill of getting a hit off the great talent or even making contact. For the love of… BASEBALL, if this A-F***ING-TROCITY stands, he had at least better be allowed to move up to the next age group and let him player there.

    I just have to ask… has the whole freaking world gone completely insane?!?! This is wholly unacceptable and grossly unfair to ALL of the kids in the league. LET HIM PLAY! LET HIM PLAY! LET HIM PLAY!

  4. jv

    I just can’t fathom this. This kinda stuff makes me hate living in the U.S. What will it be like a couple of years for now for our kids? I can only imagine it’ll get worse…

  5. worldwar1letters

    Hi guys. There is indeed more to the story, and it’s pretty disturbing. Check it out at http://dirtdogbaseball.wordpress.com.

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