Mike Gonzalez Is A F*cking Weirdo

As I watched the Braves defeat the Marlins in an agonizing fashion, I realized something very important. Not only is it impossible for the Marlins to win two games in a row, but the Braves closer is a complete wacko. Mike Gonzalez, or the gyrating Gonzo, as I now like to call him, does a strange little dance before each pitch. Perhaps he was a snake charmer in his days before playing in the Majors and is attempting to loosen up his opponents with his relaxing dance. Whatever the case, it is incredibly creepy and a huge distraction. I think I saw Brett Carroll cock his head to the side in confusion. Hey, if Justin Miller has to wear sleeves to conceal his tattoos and Reynel Pinto had to remove his bling, I think the gyrating Gonzo should have to stand still.

Mike, unless your clubbing in South Beach, I don’t wanna see that rump shaker again.

“My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard….”



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3 responses to “Mike Gonzalez Is A F*cking Weirdo

  1. jv

    I think he’s being still. I think it’s everyone else in the stadium that’s swaying…lol…

  2. Yeah, Gonzo is really hard to watch without getting seasick. He gets people out though, so I’ll keep taking my dramamine.
    That game today was nuts. I can’t believe we blew that lead and I really can’t believe we got it back again.

  3. Watching that video made me dizzy.

    Boy, this team is done. We are now 8 behind.

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