Sarah Palin Likes Baseball… and Guns

Sarah Palin is pretty hard to get an interview with. It may have something to do with her not wanting to talk about her pregnant 17 yr old daughter and her recent extra marital affair… allegedly, or maybe just the simple fact that she is the vice president nominee. Whatever the case may be, this lucky and unprofessional brodcaster for a summer collegiate baseball team in Alaska was fortunate enough to score an interview with Sarah. Fine. The interview was shot during the days when she was simply just known as the “hottest female governor” and not the VP nominee, but the interview is still worth a listen due to the fact that Mrs. Palin expresses her love for sports and nature. Plus, hearing her nervous laugh when she is asked “off the record” which ‘policitian she has most wanted to shoot’ is absolutely priceless. Ah, being part of the N.R.A. is fun.


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One response to “Sarah Palin Likes Baseball… and Guns

  1. Did she talk about her ties to the Alaskan separatist party, or the books she banned when she was mayor? I think those are her most charming qualities 🙂

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