Marlins Make History

Last night, the Florida Marlins became the first team in history to have all four infielders with at least 25 home runs. Jorge Cantu was the one to set history last night with his 25th homer. Cantu joins first baseman Mike Jacobs(32), second baseman Dan Uggla(30), and short stop Hanley Ramirez(29).

Of all the great infields in the history of the league, the Marlins achieved the feat with a relatively young infield. Cantu, 26, is in his fourth season, while Ramirez ,24, Uggla, 28 and Jacobs, 27, are all in their third, full big league seasons.

Hopefully, our boys will be recognized in the Hall of Fame somehow. The foursome has already taken some photos together in anticipation of the feat. Dan Uggla hopes to get a photo to recognize their acheivement, while Cantu hopes to take home the ball.

Congratulations, boys!



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2 responses to “Marlins Make History

  1. We just saw the contest YouTube that Mario posted back in June (yes…ahem…we are a bit slow) in which you mention L. …she got a real charge out of it.

    Come baaaaaaaack!

  2. lonestarr

    Impressive feat no doubt. And I guess they can afford both a power hitting shortstop AND second basemen, because they pay Dan Uggla in spinach.

    Continuity FTW!

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