Jose Reyes Gets His Groove On

Jose Reyes is recently accused of getting his groove on with someone other than his wife. alerted the media of the sites exclusive evidence that Met’s SS, Jose Reyes, was having an affair with a semi known pin up model, Bentley Matthews. The New York Daily News tracked her down and shockingly she denies ever being involved with him. Nik Richie, the site’s proprietor, stands by his sources and says that Reyes is in fact doing with her.

Richie even goes as far to say that Matthews is only one of Reyes’ many “girlfriends”, and is also one of the many “girlfriends” to sleep with other Mets players. GROUPIE ALERT! Richie gets catty and charmingly calls Matthews a “cross eyed Ricki Lake”.

I see where they got the Ricky Lake comparison...

I see where they got the Ricky Lake comparison...



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3 responses to “Jose Reyes Gets His Groove On

  1. Transgender Mess

    This girl’s name is not Bentley Matthew her real name is Erica and she works at Hooters, not modeling – serving hot wings. A model is a a cry for help and a self given title. This girl ran into the scum of Newport who “owns a swimsuit company” any girl willing to do risqué photos for free in Walmart underwear/swimsuits is his new model. The girl is a baseball whore who has slept with security guards, concession workers and managers to get her hands on a baseball player. The sad thing is she thinks it is working sleep your way up…she might get laid but the problem is they’re not keeping her overnight. This is the second married man she is known to have slept with. She is completely gross overweight and wears frosting like makeup that is easily manipultaed and formed to make her look like a transgender gone wrong. Players, stadium workers and security guards beware not only has she been around the block, she’s been around it a few times and she is a very public about it. Who knows what she is carrying around – we all know she’s got a camera.

  2. DAMN! You tore that bitch up!

    Thank you for the comment. 🙂

  3. Wow, remind me never to upset you…

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