The Florida Marlins Come Through

The Marlins season is now officially over. The Marlins had a wonderful year, and despite not making it to the post season, I take pride in the fact that they exceeded everyone’s expectations and were able to come through in the very end. I’m not going to lie, I am slightly disappointed, but I look forward to coming in to my office Monday morning and seeing the looks on the faces of the handful of Mets fans.

I am not one to gloat or be boastful, but it will be a nice feeling to smile in the faces of those that tormented me everyday for 6 months for supporting my team. With each day that passed, I would sit humbly at my desk and pray that my Marlins continue to do well, as the “typical” Mets fan would walk around the office with their heads held high in arrogance. However, that didn’t start until the Mets got rid of their good for nothing manager and replaced him with Jerry Manuel, who did an excellent job as manager, but let’s not forget how poorly the Mets did at the start of the season.

To be fair, I will give the Mets credit for succeeding in possibly one of the greatest turn arounds. They worked very hard to climb back up to the top and while the team may have deserved to make it to the post season, their majority of unruly fans did not deserve that pleasure. I pity the Mets because it is a shame that a team with that much talent can still get booed for the smallest mistake at the drop of a dime. The Marlins may not have the strongest backing of fans, but I would rather have no one supporting me than a pack of wolves. And please understand, I know not all New York Mets fans behave in this way. I am just sick of people like this and this. The obnoxious troll like fans that have claimed to be “so much better” than me have now been silenced. For the genuine and sincere Mets fans, such as MetsManiacinNH, you have my sincere condolences. Better luck next year for your team and mine.

The Marlins celebrating their 4-2 win against the Mets

The Marlins celebrating their 4-2 win against the Mets

The New York Mets not hiding their disappointment after their loss to the Marlins

The New York Mets not hiding their disappointment after their loss to the Marlins



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4 responses to “The Florida Marlins Come Through

  1. Lucy was genuinely sad today, as am I. (Although she got sad mostly because David Wright, her favorite player, said he is heartbroken.)

    The many other Mets fans we know personally and also those we’ve known through blogs (such as Mark at Stats on the Back) are truly good folks, so we’re sorry you’ve had to deal with jerks up close and personal. Congratulations to your team for a good game today.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Patricia. It’s the few fans like you that I really feel for, but it’s the others… I don’t know why people have to be so cruel and ridiculous. I was at and saw a photo of John Baker from today’s game and in the background was a Mets fan flicking off the camera. Why?

    Maybe it’s just the fans from New York….

  3. MetsManiacinNH

    Thanks for the nice words Tatiana. And do you get that weird feeling that the Marlins and Mets are going to do some sort of weird Nick Evans & Bobby Parnell for Dan Uggla trade this winter?

    Now it’s onto my Jets and Knicks for the rest of the year. more misery to ensue ;-0

  4. yankee

    Are you still bloging?

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