Name Droppin’

Over the last few months, I have had the pleasure of meeting numerous ball players, mascots, and important people of the baseball world. I thank each and every one of them sincerely for taking a few minutes to pose for a photo with me. For every arrogant player that won’t stop even for 30 seconds just to greet their loving fans, there is Wily Mo Pena, Tony Clark, and Corey Patterson that will stop for 10+ minutes to sign, even after a horrible day at the plate and/or a loss. Below are people that took a few moments out of their time to put a huge smile on my face and help create a memory that will last forever. Thank you. 🙂


Billy the Marlin and I

Hammy and I

Mr. Cubbie and I

The Manatees and I

The Florida Marlins “Pin Man” and I

The Jupiter Hammerheads “Uncle Sam” and I on the 4th of July

Ball Players

Dallas McPherson and I

Ricky Nolasco and I

Andrew Miller and I

Mark Hendrickson and I

Jose Canseco and I

Lastings Milledge and I

Chad Cordero and I

Wily Mo Pena and I

Tony Clark and I

Corey Patterson and I

Javier Valentin and I

Dave Weathers and I

Benito Santiago and I

Tom Candiatti and I

Micah Owings and I

Kirk Gibson and I

Vasili Spanos and I

Doug Waechter and I

Kevin Gregg and I

Kyle Skipworth and I

Clint Barmes and I

Brad Hawpe and I

Matt Holliday and I

The White Collars

Fredi Gonzalez and I

David Samson and I

Craig Minervini and I

Marlins security guard and my friend, Mitch and I

Random Celebrities

KC from “KC and the Sunshine Band” and I

6 responses to “Name Droppin’

  1. superstardivas

    Great blog you have and keep up the great work…. Please Checout my blog is about Women in Sports and how love should love the game like us men do…. And its funny because my favorite sport is “BaseBall’….. leave me a comment as well…..

  2. There is no link to your blog anywhere.

  3. great photos, all.

    especially that one of you with micah back when he was a diamondback. ]]sniff[[

  4. Hey Nice Pictures.I see some Reds players on there.Huge Reds and Phillies fan.

  5. James

    nice pics, but c’ mon put some yankees on 🙂

  6. Cari

    Oh my im sorry you cracked me up with KC and the Sunshine band,lol Too funny.Looks like fun 🙂

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