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White Sox Rookies For The Hazing

If you were hanging out by the player’s exit at Yankee Stadium yesterday evening, you were in for quite a treat. Sadly, I live a good 3 hours away (by plane) and was not able to be there, but alas, there is a thing called the internet that let me enjoy this moment of humiliation as much as the next person. I always thought hazing was for college students trying to become part of a sorority or fraternity, but this is a wonderful example of how hazing goes beyond the classroom and into the ball park.

As White Sox players began to come out of the stadium and enter their bus, along came other players dressed in very incriminating outfits. Lance Broadway, a right handed rookie pitcher, was unfortunate enough to be dawned the wearer of the voluptuous lifeguard with severe pubic hair issues. Alexei Ramirez was dressed as a US track and field athlete. Other rookies sported a Tinkie Winkie (Of the Teletubbies) costume and a Raggedy Anne outfit.



Photo courtesy of Scott Proctor’s Arm


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