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As We Say Good-bye….

As we close out the season and after attending the final at home game, I am left with nothing but precious memories. I remember coming into baseball at the beginning of this season not knowing any player on the Florida Marlins aside from Hanley Ramirez and Dan Uggla. I remember going to the FL Marlins Fan Fest and meeting Mike Jacobs and thinking he was a scrub. “Who in the hell are these people?”, I thought to myself. Little did I know these men would become a part of me for the next 6 months. Little did I know that they would be in my living room and bedroom every evening. Little did I know that I would sacrifice so much just to be there to show them support. Little did I know that I would endure the grueling sun and suffer 3rd degree burns just to be in that stadium watching these men live out their childhood dreams.

At the beginning of the season, I had nothing but critical things to say about each player. Dan Uggla made far too many errors and I quickly began to hate him, but grew to love him despite all the “Ugglas”. Hanley Ramirez once rubbed me the wrong way. He was thought of as an arrogant womanizer, but now I can see the good in him as a player and as a person and can’t imagine the Marlins with out him. Cody Ross was a nobody that only struck out and had occasional “hot” streaks. I’d constantly ask myself why he didn’t pursue a career as a rodeo clown, and now I thank my lucky stars that he did not. I have gotten to know these men greatly in the last 6 months and now I defend them as if they were part of my bloodline. I stick by them. I rise with them in glory and I fall with them in defeat. These men that once meant nothing to me have now grown to be a part of my family and it saddens me deeply that the season is coming to a quick end.

It never once occurred to me that I would get so attached to these men. That I would get to know each one of them so well that I would grow to love them. I have experienced many tough times in the last 6 months, and I don’t think I would have coped so well if it wasn’t for my boys. Baseball is such a perfect sport. It is about precision, technique, skill, dedication, and sometimes about luck. But baseball becomes a beautiful game when you have an amazing group of guys teamed up together with all odds against them and watch as the battle, persevere, and succeed.

Last Sunday, I went to the final Marlins home game, despite the guaranteed humidity and the intense hangover I was battling. I sat in those neon orange seats and watched as the big screen played an over view of the season high lights. Every successful moment rolled on that screen and with it the tears came rolling down my cheeks. “What a heck of a team.” I thought. Okay, so we aren’t going to make it to the post season, but we exceeded everyone’s expectations and being able to show your greatness through all the negativity and pessimism means more to me than winning some stupid trophy and ring.

I can only pray that next season each and every one of these men that I cheered for, cried for, fought for, and broke my remote for will return. It’s been one heck of a season, Marlins. Thank you for every second of it.

The Infamous Tatiana


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Severe Depression Causes Extreme Writer’s Block

It has been a few days since I posted anything. My last post consisted of bitter gossip about A-Rod and Madonna “gettin’ it on”. I tell myself every day that has passed that I should write something, anything; so as not to disappoint the few readers that I have. I apologize for being selfish, but being in the state of mind that I have been as of late, any single piece of literature that I would have posted on this site would have been guarunteed to be absolute garbage. I figured I would spare you.
I’m sure many are wondering why I am so down in the dumps. If you haven’t the slightest idea, you can all go back and read an article that I posted about a month ago when I was in a similar rut. Otherwise, I am sure most of you heard of the last two Marlins “games”, if you can even call them that. I am sick of the heart break, I have had enough of the disappointment, and I don’t think I can bear to witness one more agonizing defeat. Thursday evening’s game against the Rockies was enough to make my gentle heart shut down, and with that being the case, imagine my surprise when I saw that the Marlins scoring 17 runs was not even good enough to get a win. Again, all because of the bullpen. I had a beautiful July 4th watching the Jupiter Hammerheads destroy the Palm Beach Cardinals, but even this victory was ruined by the ridiculous loss by the Marlins.
There are very few people I hate in this world. By reading any of my other posts, I’m sure you know that at least one of them is Taylor Tankersley. I can’t express to you the excitement I felt in my soul when I saw that he was banished to AAA, and even more, I can’t express to you the horrible sinking feeling I felt when I saw that the Marlins were idiotic enough to call him back up. Reynel Pinto and Kevin Gregg, once two men I worshiped for performing so well, are now two men I wish I never had the displeasure of even knowing their names.
We now sit 3.5 games behind 1st place, with the Mets closely trailing behind us. I don’t want to say it, but I don’t think I have even an ounce of faith left in me. Our season is over. We had a good run. Our group of scrubs held it together long enough to bring us this far, but like always, all good things must come to an end; and the men that I once looked upon as heroes have now shown their true colors. I truly pity the men on our team that give us their very best, only to have the bullpen throw it all away.

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Ebay User Single-Handedly Crushes My Heart


As most of you know, I have become somewhat of an Ebay addict, and now, I have found the mother of all lots. A 176 Derek Jeter card lot. No duplicates. And at the time when I finally have a little cash to dedicate to my beloved collection. I enter my maximum bid of $80.00 and watch as the final 2 minutes fade away. My heart and hopes begin to rise as I see the final seconds dwindling down. I turn to Mario. “This is gonna help my collection A LOT.” I refresh the page one more time and my mouth falls wide open as I realize that there is only 1 second left on the bid and some bastard has outbid me by one lousy dollar. Before I even have time to react, the bid is over and I have lost out on 176 new Derek Jeter cards. Needless to say, I am desperately depressed by this loss. Who knew? One would think I lost a family member by how pathetic I look at the moment. Now, whether this guy used a sniping program to steal my Jeters away from me, or if he was just sitting in front of his computer preying on the poor innocent female collector, I will have my vengeance. >:'(
Damn you to Hell, Jeter00. Watch your back, holmes. Unless, of course, you bought those cards for me. 😉
One can hope… can’t they?

These cards, along with about 168 other cards could have been mine. 😥


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Posting Put On Hold?

That’s right everyone. The Infamous Tatiana is taking a small break from posting… maybe for a day… maybe two. There is a lot going on in this crazy little life right now, and sadly not even a book full of Derek Jeter cards would make me happy, but I’m not stopping anyone from trying. 😉
I want to take this time to thank everyone who has sent me out cards, linked to me, been an avid reader, who has left comments, or who has even just stopped by my page to check it out. I really appreciate it, it means the world to me.
But current events in my life have left me feeling rather depressed, and rather than let it show in every blog I write, I have decided to try to sort things out and then come back to where I belong, the wonderful world of baseball card blogs!
Please have patience with me everyone. I’ll be back soon.

Thanks. 🙂

Hint- This pic may have something to do with my next blog after I return. 😉


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