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The Chicago Cubs Have an Unofficial Mascot… And He Is NOT a Pervert

While searching the net today at work, desperately looking for something to entertain me during the last half hour of my long and exhausting day, I stumbled upon this story at Home Run Derby which made my mouth drop. Apparently, the unofficial mascot of the Chicago Cubs, not only wanders the streets of Chicago wearing only a jersey and occasionally a Fukodome bandanna on his head, but he is incredibly friendly, sometimes lonesome and obviously desperate. On one lonely night, our poor bear was subject to an unattractive drunk Mets fan and coped a feel on her not so goodies. He was just looking for a little love, people! He isn’t disgusting. Actually, the only disgusting thing was that he chose that woman to molest. I don’t think our friendly Cubbie is a pervert at all. Really, I don’t even think he knew he was groping the woman, and I bet to this day he has no idea, unless he Googles himself and this image miraculously appears. (I wouldn’t be surprised) In all reality, he is just a lost little bear in the big Windy City. So, let’s cut our Cubbie some slack. I did and I didn’t get molested! 🙂

Thanks to the Home Run Derby for this great find. 🙂

The Unofficial Cubbie mascot and I


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