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Scott Olsen Has Every Reason To Be A Dick

I never really understood why the seemingly evil Scott Olsen was always in a sour mood. The unapologetic 24 year old nicotine fiend rarely smiles, hardly pays attention to any fans, and is an all around “bad boy”. While Olsen hasn’t made the best decisions in recent years, he has kept him self out of trouble this year. He has stayed focused and has pitched as well as he possibly can. However, his last 9 starts have ended in no decisions, or losses. Sadly, it isn’t even his fault. Olsen usually maintains the lead and the bullpen always manages to ruin the win for him.

For example, this evening’s game against the Rays. Scott Olsen pitched a terrific 7 innings, giving up only 4 hits and 2 runs. Upon leaving the game, Marlins were up a run. All the bullpen had to do was hold it. Reynel Pinto was the first to fill in the pitcher’s spot and immediately, bases were loaded. Joe Nelson then came to try to “save the day”, and while he did well and got two forced outs, he walked two, allowing the Rays to score twice and take the lead. Justin Miller then came in and with a single pitch, ended the top of the 8th.

Scott Olsen has delivered each and every time he has pitched over the last couple of months and the poor guy has not gotten a win since early May. And with as much as I hate Olsen’s pessimistic attitude, I feel that he deserves so much better. So go ahead Scottie, you have every right to be an a*shole. Throw your fit in the dug out, flip off a fan, go kick a dog…. I deeply sympathize with your dilemma. It is just complete and utter bullsh*t.


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My Heart Is In Too Deep

I don’t know any one that loves baseball the way I do. At least not any women that do, any way. Baseball, at this point, has become part of me. It is embedded in my daily life. No longer do I look forward to coming home during the week to watch ‘Family Guy’ or what about the weekend “date night’s” with my husband that I so much enjoyed. No, baseball is all that my heart desires. I have memorized schedules, rosters, and even player birth dates.
When I watch a game, I don’t just watch it… I am in it. I am in the dug out with my team, I am on the field with my players, I am at the plate with the batter. This is why it cuts so deeply when a team I support so much suffers such a tough loss. Sure, I have moments where I verbally abuse certain Florida Marlins players, but all are things said out of frustration and none are things that are truly meant. And yes, I curse like a sailor when a bad play has been made or when an error occurs, but when it all boils down to it, I love the Florida Marlins. These men are more than just my team, they have become family. For the last few months, these men have been in my house- my living room, my bedroom. I have driven distances near and far just to show some support, and whether they win or lose (although my emotions and temperament differ in either instance), I never abandon them. I can proudly stand tall and say that the Florida Marlins are my team.
However, this being the case, it burns me ten times harder when they suffer a loss. And for the last two nights, these haven’t just been typical losses. The Florida Marlins deserved wins. Our offense was amazing, as usual, but our defense has been lacking. Uggla hit two homers in this evenings game alone and our relief pitchers couldn’t hold the win. Our starters do their best, and despite a couple mistakes, they are able to reach a lead in the game. It isn’t until we go to our bullpen that we are eternally screwed.
This evenings game especially took a toll on me. Even when things got tough and I saw everything we worked so hard to achieve crumbling down upon us, I did not have the energy to point the finger or curse uncontrollably. I just sat in silence, nearly to the point of tears. While I hate to admit it, I am easily discouraged. I have tried my best to remain positive, but recent events have depressed me beyond repair. This road trip has been a complete roller coaster ride and has completely toyed with my emotions. After every loss, I find myself searching for a pack of Oreo’s to drown my sorrows in. Five lbs later…. Should I really be this affected or is my heart just in too deep? I feel like I am in an abusive relationship and I don’t want to leave because I am still in love and still hopeful that things will change.
Like a true fan, I will stand by my boys and hope and pray with them so that things will improve. It’s still early in the season and we still have a chance. I’m not ready to give up quite yet, but maybe tomorrow night I should watch a little Family Guy, instead.


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