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A Tragic Ending For John Odom

During times of difficulty or struggle, many of us sometimes feel that our life may not be worth very much, but luckily we have family and friends to show us otherwise. Now, imagine already having a troubled past, struggling in the present, not knowing where you may end up in the future and having someone place a face value on your life equivalent to that of 10 maple bats.

By now, I am sure that most of you, if not all of you, have heard the story of the 26 year old minor league pitcher, John Odom, who was traded last season for 10 Prairie Sticks maple baseball bats valued at approximately $700.00 (including shipping costs).

John initially took it in stride. He appeared to take it so well that he agreed to do interviews regarding the trade and even joked about how it would make a great story if he ever did one day make the majors. Despite going from prospect pitcher to punchline, Odom dismissed all notions of despair and suicidal feelings. He was told that this was not done as a publicity stunt or to embarrass him , but three weeks after the trade and after one especially miserable night being taunted in Amarillo, Texas, Odom disappeared and merely five months later, he was dead.

While some argue there is no proof that the trade is what directly caused his death, many are concerned that it affected him more than he let on, and rightfully so.

People seem to forget that baseball isn’t always fun and games. Reliever Donnie Moore shot himself and sadly died, three years after giving up a big home run that kept the Angels from winning the 1986 American League pennant. Boston All-Star Bill Buckner became a scourge after letting a ball roll through his legs in the 1986 World Series. In 2003  Steve Bartman, fell off the face of the Earth after trying to catch a foul ball and (possibly) cost his team, the Cubs,  its first National League championship since 1945.

If being completely devalued wasn’t enough to cause John to kill himself, the awful night in Amarillo, followed by months of binging on drugs and alcohol and seclusion were defintely enough to cause him to do himself in. The medical examiner has named the cause of death an accidental over dose from heroin, methamphetamine, the stimulant benzylpiperazine and alcohol, but whether this truly was accidental or if this was just a cocktail put together by a young man that just no longer cared, we will never know. His life over the last few months and final days are left to the imagination. There is no record of where he was living, where he is buried, and his family and friends cannot be reached.

The infamous ten bats, on the other hand, can be easily located in a warehouse in Orlando, FL. They were never used and have now been purchased by Ripley’s Believe it or Not! for $10,000.00 which has been donated to the team’s children’s charity.

Quite the story has developed from the trade, unfortunately, it was not the great story that John Odom had hoped for. The story did not have the happy ending that he had once aspired for. Instead, it was a story of humiliation, cruelty and defeat. A life has been wastefully lost and all that remains are 10 pieces of wood.

The smiling John Odom: May he R.I.P.

The smiling John Odom: May he R.I.P.



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The Greg Maddux Search Is Over

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. My treacherous search for a Greg Maddux auto is over! I didn’t get the card I wanted( Hell, I didn’t even get a card!) and I didn’t get it through a trade, but I did get a great price on a beautifully signed ball that comes with a certificate of authenticity, as well as a sticker placed directly on the ball that goes with the COA.
I still can’t tell you guys why I needed this ball so desperately, but I will be able to let you folks in on our little secret within the next few days. 🙂

Thanks to everyone that tried to help with my search. It is greatly appreciated. I am just glad it is all over, you wouldn’t believe the amount of stress I was under!

Welcome home, Mr. Maddux. 🙂


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The Search For Maddux Continues

It has been nearly a week and still no luck with my search for an autographed Greg Maddux card. I have been overbid on Ebay, turned down by a few, and just flat out ignored by some. I won’t give up, however, if I have learned anything in the last 21 years of existence it is that persistence pays off. I will get that Atlanta Braves Greg Maddux certified auto, even if it means trading my beloved 2007 UD Derek Jeter or spending $80.00+. Wish me luck, and once again, if anyone has any Maddux autos they are willing to trade, or even sell; PLEASE email me at tmarin87@gmail.com or leave an offer here.

Thanks! 🙂

Totally fell in love with this card.
Too bad I can’t have it because the guy that owns it is a Maddux collector.
Bummer. 😦

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I’m Sorry Mr. Jeter

Ladies and gentlemen,

I have a very serious favor to ask of you. If anyone has a Greg Maddux autograph that they are willing to trade, please let me know. My trading bucket is empty at the moment because I haven’t scanned anything, but I have some pretty decent things I am willing to trade. I have a few beautiful Derek Jeter cards I am willing to give up for this card. I am pretty attached to my Jeter auto, but I am willing to trade it if it means I can get a nice Maddux auto. I can’t explain why I need this Greg Maddux just yet, but please know that it is very important. If anyone has a card and is interested in helping me out, please comment or send me a personal email and we can set up a nice trade. 🙂 There is just one catch, the Maddux card has to be of him on the Atlanta Braves!

Quick responses are greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

One of the cards I am willing to trade.


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MAIL DAY! One Whole Week In One Post!

Man, my collection is getting bigger and bigger by the second. Now, whether it is because of the generosity of those that read my and my husband’s blog, or if it is because of my new addiction to Ebay, I do not know, nor do I care! I am well on my way to getting all the Jeter cards in the world! As impossible as it may be, I will try as hard as I can.
Now, to thank my most recent contributor, Joe, from Cincy Reds Cards. His package took a little while to get here, thanks to his poopie head roommate, but it was well worth waiting for! Joe gave me my FIRST Derek Jeter game used bat!!!!! I nearly had a heart attack when I saw it. I let out a girly shriek as I held it in my hand for the first time.
Another contributor is a wonderful gentleman from Ebay. He provided me with, not only my 1997 8×7 Donruss Studio of Derek Jeter, but he threw in a bonus, too! I was expecting a card, but when I opened my package, I found my card in pristine condition and a $5 bill! I wanted to give mickeymantles a hug, but he was WAY too far away!
I now have 145 cards in my collection and am expecting a few more to come. I purchased a lot off of Ebay about 4 days ago and I just won a game used base! If anyone has any Jeter cards that you think I may need and would like to set up a trade or even a give away 😉 , please send me an e-mail! 🙂

All Cards from Cincy Reds and a lot I won off of Ebay.

My 8×10 Donruss Studio 🙂


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