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The Search For Maddux Continues

It has been nearly a week and still no luck with my search for an autographed Greg Maddux card. I have been overbid on Ebay, turned down by a few, and just flat out ignored by some. I won’t give up, however, if I have learned anything in the last 21 years of existence it is that persistence pays off. I will get that Atlanta Braves Greg Maddux certified auto, even if it means trading my beloved 2007 UD Derek Jeter or spending $80.00+. Wish me luck, and once again, if anyone has any Maddux autos they are willing to trade, or even sell; PLEASE email me at tmarin87@gmail.com or leave an offer here.

Thanks! 🙂

Totally fell in love with this card.
Too bad I can’t have it because the guy that owns it is a Maddux collector.
Bummer. 😦

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Yesterday was a HUGE day for me. I received my 21 card lot that I purchased through Ebay, I went on a bit of a shopping spree at Target, and Mario surprised me with a few Jeters from our local hobby shop, including a 5×7 black border UD Masterpiece. I went from having 85 Jeters to 120!!!! I am beyond excited about this! I have been collecting this one player for a month and I have already hit and passed 100 cards! Thanks to everyone who contributed to my collection by trading with me and thank God for Ebay!

During my Target shopping spree, we grabbed a load of product. My two favorites of the bunch are the bottom left hand two. They normally come with one auto/ game used and a couple of packs from any year ranging between 2000 and today.

Mario pulled a new Andrew Miller to add to the collection and I pulled a Torii Hunter game used bat. 🙂

Now, for my Jeter portion of this post!

My 5×7 2007 UD Masterpieces. ❤

1998 Upper Deck
1999 Upper Deck MVP
1999 Upper Deck 10th Anniversary Team
2002 Topps
1997 Pacific Collection
1996 Upper Deck
1999 Upper Deck All Star Game

2002 SPX
1996 Topps Future Star
2002 Donruss
1999 Upper Deck Black Diamond
1997 Upper Deck
1998 Fleer
2003 Fleer Tradition

2002 Fleer
2001 Fleer Platinum
2002 Donruss Classics
2004 Fleer National Past Time
1999 Upper Deck Superstar Spotlight
2000 Fleer ’99 World Champions
1998 Pinnacle Performers
1999 Upper Deck Retro

2000 Pacific
2001 Topps
2006 Topps Season Highlights
1997 Fleer
2007 Goudey SP
2006 Upper Deck National Baseball Card Day
2006 Fleer Ultra (Mario pulled this in a retail box!)
1996 V.J. Lovero (My favorite Jeter card in my collection <3)

1999 Pacific
1994 Upper Deck
2000 Fleer Skybox

Hopefully my collection will continue to grow and by the end of my second month collecting, I will have 200 cards or more! Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!!! 🙂


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