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Manny Being Marlin

I’ve always been the one to tell the Florida Marlins fans that not getting Manny Ramirez was a good thing. That Manny would have been bad for morale and a tumor that would have disgraced our team and slowly caused their demise. Okay, I’ll sadly admit I was wrong. Manny is baseball’s greatest cancer, but look at what he has done for the LA Dodgers. The Dodgers are in 1st place and they just swept the Phillies. And plus, Manny can answer the phone in Spanish. That’s an added benefit.

I’m really regretting not being able to get Manny. Damn Marlins. 😦


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It’s Been Crazy!

Well, here you have it. Another excuse as to why I haven’t written, but really, this is a good one… my supervisor at work is on vacation and I have been working two jobs. Better than ‘my dog ate my homework’, no? Anyhow, I will be attending the Marlins Vs. Mets game tonight, so I can gauruntee some photos and a post about that one. Hopefully, Marlins won’t stink up the place like they did last night!

So, please be patient with me, as you have always been. Below you can enjoy one of my favorite manager outbursts. Watch as Phillip Wellman goes CRAZY! I’ve been feeling like this for the last week at work! 🙂

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