My Lucky Night!

Last night, I traveled to our local card shop to see if I could score any Hanley or Jeter singles. They didn’t have to be anything special, they just had to be something I didn’t have. After going through 3 $1.00 bins, 1 Autograph/Patch/Vintage bin, and 1 seriously disorganized and over crowded 25cent bin, this is what I came up with:
1 Hanley Ramirez Moments & Milestones numbered 125/150, 1 UD Ultimate Collections game used patch, 1 Topps League Leader Derek Jeter, 1 Topps 2006 Post Season Highlights Jeter, and as a surprise to me, Mike, the shop owner, held to the side a BEAUTIFUL 2007 Bowman’s Best Jeter for me.
Needless to say, I was more than pleased with all the cards I had found. Not only did I add to my collection, but I also snagged a 2007 blue framed UD Masterpieces Andrew Miller for my husband.

All in all, it was a pretty successful night.



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6 responses to “My Lucky Night!

  1. That Bowman’s Best is your best card!

  2. oljoe73

    Let me know if you want any A Rod’s. I have a few from him not many people would have.
    And what is it like being so famous you are infamous?

  3. I once meant to type ‘The Famous Tatiana’ but in error, I typed ‘infamous’ and it kinda just stuck. It’s okay though, just think of me as Ty Cobb. Infamous… but in a good way. 😉

    As far as the A Rod’s, I would like to start collecting a third player, but have been advised against it. I’ll keep you posted. A Rod’s my boy. ❤

  4. It sounds like you may have a good dealer there if he is already setting cards aside for you. You have picked a couple of really good players to collect.

  5. The dealer is pretty awesome. Every time we come in there is a stack of Canseco cards to go through!

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